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05 April 2010

terra firma break

i hope you had a happy easter out there. mine was peaceful, with a lovely break in venice, the fairytale city built by human ingenuity and that ascends the laws of nature. a few quality days spent with family, or what is left of it. a great time in nice company, doing the things we like only and walking a lot, chatting a lot.  

it wasn't my frist time in la serenissima, but it was al's brother and his family's. i enjoyed both touring them around and exploring new areas, away from the tourist itineraries. venice is enchanting and, though it seems like an intricate labyrinth of narrow footpaths, footbridges and canals, it has many faces.

the only problem is that it's very overcrowded, so sometimes it's a trap and you can only enjoy it as a living museum. the other negative aspect is drapes hung on scaffolding to hide restoration work. elegant facades and arcades were in urgent need of their first clean-up and they need a hand from sponsors. i hope works won't last more than 6 yeras like they're complaining about. 

more details and photos about this getaway to be posted soon. i'm off to bed now! happy easter again everyone!

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