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01 April 2010

a bit of this and that

let's put it this way: in the end i HAD TO get out because i couldn't handle the situation with alice indoors anymore. a bit of fresh air could only do us better, and it prooved so. the excuse was going last minute grocery shopping, buying the essentials for the evening and then a few chocolate eggs as easter presents to neapolitan cousins. we'll travel to venice tomorrow to meet them.

we first headed to my favorite bakery in my neighborhood, giugovaz, where we had a snack made of chocolate, of course. easter is the sweetest season of all after all, what else could we get? i took a few pics in there, it was an explosion of colors and decorations, plus there was a neruda's ode to bread that i've always wanted to capture.

after the shopping, since it had started to rain heavily and we had to wait for al to pick us up on his way back from work, we entertained ourselves in a cheap outfit shop. it's when you go errand that you find the smartest bargains! i got out of there with 100 euros less, but full of nice spring clothes, included a cool fake leather jacket (of course) and a matching black trousers for me.

i don't particularly like spring, i actually dislike it. i like the blossoming and the awakening of nature, but i hate unstable weather. thre's something nasty in getting stocked in with clothes like an onion when you go out, as you never know what to expect. take this imminent trip to venice, for instance. it's driving me crazy, i don't know how to get dressed and i don't want to travel with many luggages in pure paris hilton's style. i'm no hilton, hey, i'm a conscious frugalista instead. still, i wish i could be more practical for both me and my baby.

and then, let's face it, this is the worst period of the year for the body. it comes directly from the laziness of the winter, full into the excess of easter. mine is not definite yet, i try to avoid heavy shopping because i know i'll be losing a few pounds before the summer. at least i hope so! i've never had body issues, i don't know what anorexia or bulimia are but i do have an issue now. and it's my belly. i look 4 months pregnant all the time and it gets particularly accentuated at nights. have a look if you don't believe me!

i'm posting this photo here to exorcise my complex. it's taking lots of courage to do so, but i hope that this extreme and unpleasant action will help me facing the truth. i need to work out seriously out there, with a strict eating plan. my goal isn't a flat belly, i'm realistic, i know what my limits are and i'll never sweat my ass of jogging or nearly dying on aerobic sessions. i just want to look healthier. i totally embraced my curvy body now, i'm okay with it. but, you know, i still struggle with my belly. it's that foggy line between needing some excercise but the paranoia of being a 'fat bitch', you know?

mmmh ...

there was dinner to prepare once at home. i served the famous orecchiette with broccoli rabe and salted fish, a classic, very easy combination from southern italy. orecchiette are a type of pasta from puglie shaped roughly like small ears ( in fact, orecchiette means small ears). 

you need to boil the vegetables first, then fry them in olive oil, anchovies and garlic. the secret is to cook the pasta in the same pan of the vegetables, so that the remaining flavours are absorbed by the orecchiette.

once both pasta and vegetables are ready, you only have to mix them and then eat one of the most succulent plates you've ever tasted. enjoy!

ps: no need to start dieting now that easter is around the corner, isn't it? :)


  1. I gotta give it to you! That was courageous!! I'll try the recipe, but what are alici? It looks so delicious....

  2. ehehehe yes sandra, it is! i hope it works now, otherwise it's only just outrageous!

    alici are anchovies, darling, sorry. i corrected the word right now on the post.

    the recipe is simple, cut one garlic and 5 anchovies, fry them in lots of olive oil with salt and a bit of pepper. then add boiled broccoli and let it cook for a while. once orecchiette are ready, mix them to the sauce and eat.if you don't have orecchiette, use any short pasta. e buon appetito!


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