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29 April 2010

a perfect afternoon

ali was off school today because of a specialist's visit that was only possible in the morning. it was a beautiful sunny day, i decided to make the most of it to stay out in the nature after the visit. and we went to lipica for  some quality time away from the city stress.

the area isn't only a reputed stud farm, home to the famous lipizzaner  (a unique horse breed) established here in 1580 by the austrians in the italian-slovene border and passing to slovenia only in 1918. it's also a recreational area with protected nature.

after the usual playtime, cycleride, flowerspicking, cafeteria snack and story telling, we of course made our way to the pony area for a guided ride. ali had the usual fun and dose of animal cuddling :)


i feel so blessed to live in this area, there's everything you need for outdoor activities and it's really great for cultural time too. a perfect combination of both things for all the family.i 'll miss all this when we move next year! :(

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