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28 April 2010

bavisela young

'once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess called alice who was mad for athletics'

'sweetie, princesses didn't do sports'

'but this is MY story, mum!'

'okay, okay'

'she was particularly mad for running, so one day she joined a marathon with her school'

'darling, you never told me running was your thing'

'oh come on, mum, if you keep interrupting me i won't tell you about my day anymore. i'm serious!'

'right, sorry. go on, please'

'so they took the school bus and went to the kids marathon and she felt sooooo overwhelmed but happy, and she ran and then she ate the muffin and drank the enervit the teachers gave her afterwards and then she even smiled for the camera saying 'yeah'. and that was a special day because she got a medal. she didn't win but it's not important. important is having fun and joining and running. is that right, mum?'

'correct, alice. i'm glad you had such a lovely day out there'

yes, alice joined the bavisela young marathon today with her class, together with other 3000 kids of triestine schools. she was so happy and proud and glad to take part to such an event. she's getting big, my baby!

this first pic was on the local newspaper il piccolo

go alice, go!


  1. Bravo to Alice!! What an amazing girl and she is so right; it's more important to have fun than to always win!

  2. yes albertha, right! :) always!


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