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11 February 2010

wonder women

i've been a bit irregular with my meals these days. maybe i'm being influenced by the shocking book i'm into. i'm reading a true story, a girl's struggle with eating disorder and i've been pondering seriously so far.

can anybody exaplain to me how octomom nadya sulmeman managed to turn into perfect shape? look at this and tell me if you don't find it amazing:

she gave birth to 8 twins only last year, and now she's doing covers showing off a new bikini body. did she hire nutrionists, personal trainers? i bet she has, but then it's you who has to do the job. she's not even bionic like heidi klum, who had 4 kids and still is a knock out.

photo source: people

she keeps telling out in interview the way she eats everything. why not admitting she watches out what she eats and stays away from carbs?

i ned to set up new eating habits and soon! yuck!

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