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14 February 2010

red-haired pippi

i'm glad that ali chose to wear pippi's costume this carnival. i loved lots of characters of cartoons as a child, but pippi longstocking, with her wild hair and outrageous antics, was my heroine. 

her adventures keep delighting kids around the globe for more than 60 years. this girl is stunning. she lived a hard life but she was so full of hope, wonder, optimism. and imagination. she was a person of good will and she shows how power can be used without without abusing it. since children's dreams are dreams of power, this maybe explain pippi's universal fame.

she would wear large jumper dresses with colorful stockings and boots. even though she was a tomboy, she had a girly side to her. i wonder what she could wear today. doct martens boots and fiorucci jeans skirts for sure. yes, that's how i imagine her out in the modern world.  

her author, astrid lindgren, was a woman of great power too. her poorly paid job at a local newspaper in the beginnign of her career didn't stop her from refusing her boss' marriage proposal and keeping his child. she was forced to leave her baby in a foster family while she did whaetever she could to save money to bring her baby back home. 

to me, power personalities like astrid's are centers of an enormous energy. not only in the matter of personal magnetism, but also in imparting the vibrations of strength. there are authors whose words seem fairly alive, so vital is their action upon the minds of others. these persons have strongly active nerve-force used in connection with their mental currents. and this is what i admire more. this is what i aim to recreate as a littel writer myself. i want to flash out this combined force toward the audiences, and to lift the latter off their feet by the power.

i don't kow if i'll suceed, but i know i've got good examples to follow. the process is quite natural, and does not partake of any mystic ceremonies or anything of that sort. it is based on purely physiological principles, and is in full accord with natural laws. so maybe when i have acquired the art and science of the absorption and storing of nerve-force, i will be surprised that i have never thought of it before.

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