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13 February 2010

carnival fun

i've been busy with parties these days. we're right in the middle of carnival week and during those seven days the city of muggia, where alice goes to pre school, become a true open-air theatre offering a continuous entertainment.

the carnival absorbs much of the population here, engaging them in the construction of allegoric carts and in the realization of gorgeous costumes. it really is an occurance that characterizes the socio-cultural life of this small city and it climaxes in the great parade on the last sunday (tomorrow). 

photo source: sergio ganzo

these 2 guys are the old carnival passing its crown to the new one. don't ask me who the old is because i have no clue! it was taken during the kick off ceremony last thursday, in the local city hall. it really looks official. see? carnival is serious stuff here.  

tomorrow i'm planning to go and watch the parade on my own. i'll be on a shooting mission armed with my camera, without tired baby and bored husband. while waiting for my parade point of view, you can check carnival photos here. it's pretty colorful. 


we've been to a party indoor yesterday, the dolls feast, like they call it. alice was dressed like a turkish belly dancer. we got this precious costume in antalya last summer, it really makes her look like a little shakira. 

there wasn't much to do for mom than watching my kid having fun. i couldn't even talk with other moms because the music was far too loud. so i took pics like crazy and tried not to think i badly needed a drink to keep going. they're getting too strict with alcohol zero tolerance here lately, and i had to drive back home afterwards. 

there was one moment when i lost track of alice, then i spotted her with her boyfriend evan. they were in the middle of the crowd, looking intensely at each other.

i managed to capture this lost in themselves moment and felt breathless for a while. it was so all very romantic and special, but, well, they're in pre school! gosh! i better get ready, adolescent turmoils may happen very early at my home! 

everything was pretty innocent and quite childish in the streets today, instead. alice wore a pippi stockings costume, the version we thought for the outdoors to battle the cold weather.

the red wig was sooo nice, it was a fortune to find it and with her own size. she's with lisa here, a peer. and while she was playing and dancing, we, the parents, enjoyed the chaos and the yummy snacks. i love this picture of me and al.

despite the posing smile (he looks a mask himself), we're radiant and content. awww, the simple things!

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