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02 February 2010

5 years old already

the day has arrived, alice turns 5 today. at this hour five years ago she was 3 hours old and happily sleeping in the hospital nursery, while i was rounded by flowers and texting like crazy. i didn't have a computer but i had my mobile. ehm, yes, writing couldn't be missed on such an important occasion hey!


the importance of this day was felt by my estranged parents too. i got a phonecall from each of them first thing in the morning. it was particularly weird to hear dad on the phone, after nearly 1 year, and not noticing any shame or regret in his voice after all he did. it irritated me a lot but, well, it was another confirmation of his sociopathic nature. and after all he was doing this for his only grandchild, so i listened to what he had to say. not much, indeed.

anyway, i'll pick alice up from school later this afternoon and i'll treat her with a visit to toys store, where she's allowed to chose anything she likes. daddy will join for the occasion, then we'll all head back home for her favorite meal (tortellini with spinach) and the candles blowing. tomorrow she'll throw a birthday breakfast at school with her peers and teachers, and on friday we'll have a party big time for all her friends. we booked a puppets show for the kids, it shall be nice.

thus, i'm a busy bee this week, running here and there to buy everything i need. i'm a bit worried for the bouffet organization. it doesn't take a chef to prepare sandwiches, a few salty cakes and the rest, and i don't even have to bake the cake as it'll come directly from a local bakery, but i've never done it before. first times are always a bit overwhelming for everyone, no panic, please!

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