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19 December 2009

pallotte cac e ov (cheese balls)

i prepared a traditional meal from my region today, something genuine from the old times, when people couldn't allow to eat meat every day and used other ingredients to compensate.

these cheese balls are fenomenal, and i want to share their recipe with you.

add milk to 2 slices of old cut bread and leave the bread absorbe the milk completely.

once the bread is ready, add a mix of different grated cheese (i use, grana, parmesan and rigatino, when i don't find this last one, i replace it with pecorino), 2 eggs and parsley.

mix everything until the mixture is thick and doesn't stuck in your hands. shape the balls and give them an oval form.  

then fry them. the original shape is round, but i prefer the oval ones, because they better absorbe the sauce.

yes, the balls must be cooked in a tomato sauce with red peppers and onion afterwards. they're an excellent, unique meal and can be served with a full-bodied red wine like cabernet.



  1. Oh, my favourite!!!! I assure you, it is well worth to try and make it. It seems quite simple seeing this way, with photos and everything... thank you so much for the recipe, cara!!!

  2. Looks really yummy! I'll try it some day. Thanks for sharing!

  3. u welcome, ladies. this recipe can really do with any cheese, really. just try it and let me know!


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