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16 December 2009

in love with slovenia

there always comes a time when i talk about my recent love for slovenia, hey! that country has it all: diverse landscape, cultural heritage, numerous opportunities for sports, many cultural events, excellent cuisine and wine. but mainly, people are vivid. even if slovenes may look calm and reserved, they quickly open up to good company.

shopping is what i appreciate there too. they're not obsessed with brands, everything is cheaper and quality remains high. i went to the supernova mall today in koper, after my last appointment with my dentist (slovene too!) and i bought a nice dress for christmas, which can be re-used for new year's eve too. here it is:

i already had the shoes, and think they match well with the dress. although their shape, and little height, they are very comfortable to walk in. i also have a matching pochette, but i forgot to incude it in the shot.

i need spring/summer clothes for my imminent trip to egypt. i already have them but i cound't resist this 4.99 euros bargain, which is perfect for my silver ballerina shoes. have a look:

i'm almost ready to leave now. i've everything ready and under control, i just miss the final things here and tere and i'm counting down the days. we only have to keep our fingers crossed that ali doesn't catch the new virus they are having at school and that she'll survive well her school xmas show tomorrow morning and dance mid-term show on sunday afternoon. lots of reharsals for those event too this week. we're busy. so stay tuned for more lovely pics to come on those days ...


  1. Love the dress color! And I think I would like Slovenia as well! Cultural events is what we lack here. The few available seem to be organized by and for wealthy people, which is completely ridiculous. I have this idea that Europe as a whole is a very cultural country, and looks like it is the case.

  2. it's true, we are very cultural here, the audience is demanding so there're lots of exhibitons, museums and he like. maybe one day, when you visit us, we can go together. i'm sure we'd have a blast, claudia!


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