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25 November 2009

high on your rights!

the party was a success. alice was a perfect hosting little lady and shared all her toys in the end. the only thing she refused to open was her chocolate santa. she tried to protest when she was asked to let them eat it, then she went silent and today i found the piece of chocolate hidden in the bottom of our kitchen cabin. what a smart girl! she already knows that action works better than words!

considering that these 2 little boys aren't even ali's best friends, it went very well. one of them, diego, the blonde cutie, was her boyfriend until september, then one day she told me it was over between them because he didn't lend her a pencil. good done, serves him right for the future ... better starting to impose your personality on men from the beginnig hey! LOL

so while the kids played quietly in ali's room, we moms chatted in the kitchen. we exchanged receips and wondered about a few psychological baby issues. here are a few pics of the kids:

too bad that when they went away ali started to feel sick. her temperature was high in a minute but still, she managed to sleep through all night. this morning the fever was higher than yesterday, but thanks god she didn't lose her appetite. she still enjoys her nutella! :)


  1. Wonderful pics, what a nice day i can imagine...pity that she is sick, maybe her friends did infect her, I bet u!!!
    I wonder if i will ever be mother and if so... could i ever be at least the 10% of what u are as mom? difficult eh!!
    Is that nutella??? yummie!!!
    Is this the first Ali's party??

  2. It's so nice to bring your kid's friends home and in the meanwhile have a chat with the moms! It's a win win situation as you both have a great time. It's the opportunity for them to play and specially share (that's the tough part for Ignacio) with others and ours to share motherhood dilemmas :D and get to know new friends. Too bad, Ali got sick in the process... Hope she gets better really soon.

  3. yeah, this was ali's firt party. she wants more now, but with girls! that will be more fun fo her. and yes, that was yummy nutella :)
    of course you'll have your own baby, scema, and you'll be the best of moms! no doubts about that!

    oli, dearest, today alice feels a bit better. it's the flu, with lots of mucus. i'm startig to feel sick too! :( thanks god tonight al coes back from moscow, so we'll have some help LOL

  4. I couldn't help but imagine them all speaking Italian! how cute! And one of them was Alice's boyfriend?! Oh my! they surely start at a young age these days ;-)
    Thank you for sharing!


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