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23 November 2009

late thoughts

it's midnight and i'm still up. i've been organizing christmas cards and gifts all day plus, i'm starting to feel the fatigue of the routine. paradoxically, weekends is when i work more. the house is a silent sanctuary during week days, with the only sound of my keyboard, so it needs low maintenance. it's on weekends that it gets mad, and even if we're going places, there's still a lot to do.

tlking of which, we decided we deserve a special treat for christmas. we endured too much in terms of family problems this year. after all we went through, we came to the conclusion that no relative, not even and mainly the closer ones like parents, deserves our company this season, so we better go away for a while. we spent all day looking at catalogues and getting excited about destinations. we like a few options and i hope they get concrete by tomorrow. al is leaving for moscow by the way, the second business trip of the month, and he's feeling quite thrilled since it's his firt time in russia. yipie!

in the meanwhile, i've been tinking and thinking about the style of this blog. i still don't know which themes i'll develop, since my interests are too varied and i don't want to focus on a few things only. at the same time, i don't want to be too vague and least but not last my aim is to keep you friends out there updated about my life. i don't know. one thing is sure, though: i'll keep it simple, constantly trying to embrace the mantra of 'imperfection is creative perfection'. and we'll see where i end up. try to subscribe, you guys out there, rather than adding my page among your favorites. being in your favorites is nice too, but readers are the best motivation after all!  


  1. Hey, glad to hear about the holidays!
    You are doing good with this blog.. since your interests are so varied I think this blog should be the same way. Just write what's on your mind when you are writing, keep it simple...but keep posting:-))

  2. It's so nice to read about you more often! :) Great idea, this blog, sweetie. I agree with Sandra, just keep posting and we'll follow... :) And congrats for the holiday's trip! I wish one day you could fly further and visit us in Peru. We'd love to have you and your beautiful family here.

  3. Hey! ciao bella!
    I'm so glad you came back to the blog world! Occasionally, I went to that other one you had years ago, hoping that maybe, one day, something new would be posted :-)
    I'm a blogger person also: http://claudiaguatemala.blogspot.com
    Very happy to be connected once again!

  4. I just read today all of your thoughts and everyday issues...Well done dear friend and don't forget to enjoy it at the fullest! Kisses!

  5. thanks everyone for the support you show to me. i didn't expect it and i'm glad! and it's the best motivation so far!

    so sandra, yeah, i'll keep posting.

    olivia, dear, thanks for the invitation, we'll make sure to accept it if we ever visit peru. i'm ure that day isn't far. of course you're welcome to visit us in any part of the world we'll be staying, too. we already missed a meeting when you came to italy on your honeymoon!

    claudia, i signed to your blog, we're colleagues now LOL nice to keep in touch again, in this alternative way.

    least bt not last, aliki, i miss you! it's nice to have you here! muah!


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