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22 November 2009

a girl of her own

i wonder how one can feel so tired after a shopping spree. i always end up feeling and looking like a zombie during and after it. maybe it's the malls confusion, and we're not even on christams marathons. i thought today the crowd was going to be less invasive. i was wrong. there was a rugby match playing at the stadium nearby in udine, italy vs south africa, and all the spectators must have decided to do some shopping afterwards.

as usual, i didn't find anything important for me, just some new underwear and a cd. it's taking me for ever to get used to this new late 60's fashion revival mixed to the 80's colorful madness. i'm an observer now, just studying the different possible combinations of styles. i've come up with a few changelings, though. i never wore leggins back in my teens years, whereas i'm finding them attractive now, especially because i can match them with boots and long, wool comfy sweaters. i've also become a fan of converse shoes. i never owned a pair back in time.

what's best, i don't feel alarmed: i'm not buying them because they're fashonable now. i never lacked self confidence, so i never tried to stay in touch with the trends. i'm loving them because my personality has changed, i'm at ease in every situation now, and this is actually positive. i used to be always too monothematic with my clothes, in love with hippy style and stick to it. not anymore. i enjoy experimenting now, both styles and different colors. fashion is a state of mind. a spirit, an extension of one's self. i like myself better now. i feel more confident. happier. and i'm showing it off in my clothes, too.

what i find cooler is shopping for alice. the world is thought for little girls! what's more entertaining is letting her chose her own clothes. here's what she came up with today:

this lovely outift is thought for xmas eve, and can be reused for new years eve as well as for all the other nice occasions we'll have. my mother never allowed me to build my own style, she always chose clothes for me and even when i reluctantly debuted my own things, she used to criticize. she influenced me strongly, to the point that i still never use brown/black and blue/black color combinations because they were horror to her! her abc of fashion is still marked in my mind today.

i wonder what alice will remember of me one day. she'll probably want to adopt my same attitude with her kids. if she does, that will be my best victory, because 'if you treat a man as he could be, he will become what he should be' -r.w emerson


  1. Hello, Elda! Now you have a blog! It´s so interesting! I have one too, but it´s in portuguese. Maybe you can´t understand much about it. But certainly I will follow your blog. :) Have a nice day, my friend! :)

  2. It's great that you encourage Alice to choose her own wardrobe! It helps her to be more confident and not so dependable. I remember that I hated when I had to wear what my mom told me to. Not because of the outfit selection, that was good most of the time, but for the lack of freedom. When I finally started to choose my own style I felt so insecure!It took me a while...

  3. clecia, darling, please pass me your link. i understand portuguese and i'd like to follow you!

    oli, i felt ensecure about my style too, we share a point here. girls are different, they're trendier, but i'm sure ignacio does his way too, huh?

  4. I've just noticed that I haven't tried to make him choose his own outfit yet! Although he, sometimes, does not want to put an specific outfit... Mmmm, I'll try then, let's see what happens!


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