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22 May 2012

That's the Latest

A lot is happening here. The fact I'm a (forced) sporadic blogger doesn't mean I'm not writing at all. I am, I keep writing all the time but I'm too busy to sit down and post properly and make it all nice for you like I would like to. Sooner or later all of my drafts will pop out and flow on these pages like they deserve to be, and you'll be happier (I hope LOL) after catching up with me :)

For now, please enjoy this combination of photos and my Facebook status updates, before it's too late and I get too emotionally distracted to sum it all up.

May 2
Lovat Bookstore, during a peaceful afternoon of readings. Alice sips her hot chocolate and exclaims "Mum, I feel at home here!" and I'm the proudest mother.

May 3
"Good morning with a smile from us!"

May 4
Last photo correction approaching. I feel like crying.
May 5
Delirium of a pissed off girl: Into the Wild is one of the best movies of the universe. Bows to Mr Penn. Period.

May 6

"Le changement, c'est maintenant. Let's all follow this step!"

May 7
"Go fuck yourself. And u know who you are. Excuse my language, people, but she truly deserves this!"

"Wow, mum, isn't the bartender handsome?"
"Yes, honey, he is, but I think he's gay."
"Oh. But he can always change, right?"

May 9
Nutella or not Nutella? Dammit!

May 10
"Alice, have u made your bed?"
"Yes, Madam!"

May 11
Racism against gypsies, regular parents beating scares and lots of disturbed questions. Should I put a limit to my daughter's friends in our house? Where's the borderline between accepting others/wanting to teach them right and being scared/snob? PS: Happy birthday to the man of my life!

May 12
The sound of my baby's voice whilst reading loud before falling asleep ... awwwwwww!

May 13
"Greetings from Venice!"

May 14
Can someone please explain to my hubbie that the fact he works from home at times doesn't mean I'm his secretary? :)

May 15
Slightly panicking. No photo inspiration for Sunday, on a writer's block and eating like crazy. This can't go on!

May 16
This pic scored 2 nd place at a month Photo Competition yesterday. I want to dedicate it to Valentina, Sandra, Lisa, Nesli, Roula, Asun and Zeina. Thank you, girls, for your constant support in my work. This was possible because of your motivating comments!

May 17
Waiting for lil princess to come home, on her first night out without parents -yuck! :)

May 18
"Alice, look at that glorious sunset, come and see it yourself. Call daddy, rush!"
"Daddy, daddyyyy, come and see you too!"
"Ohhhh, so is this what you disturbed me for?"

May 19
Calling nana is harder now: she's deafer and deafer. Happy birthday anyway!

May 20
Hazelnut milkshake and I'm ready for this final day out shooting in Nova Goriza, whilst the earth shaked again and a quake hit Emilia Romagna. It never rains but it pours!

May 21
Scared and demoralized by these bomb attacks, so close to another tragical anniversary. Even God refuses to bless Italy :(

And then today:
"One more week, Elda, hang in one more week and then life will be normal again."

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