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04 April 2012

New Outings (and Plans)

The day started with a teeth cleaning at a new dentist who brought up bad news- sigh. I used our imminent trip to Naples as an excuse for some therapy shopping afterwards. I ended up buying a frugal pair of sandals I'll probably wear, let's say, twice this summer. But well. 

Fortunately the hours became productive because I got inspired for a new project while wandering as usual. 

 And I even spotted a place that furnished material for my next post (stay tuned for that!)

Considering that I also had a second breakfast in my favorite bookstore, as a sign of an ultimate consolation treat (more for Naples than for the teeth cavity itself), I can say it wasn't a bad day at all.

And then of course, Spring, Spring and more Spring shots, despite this drastic temperature drop (who ever said April's the cruellest month was right!) There was snow up in the Carso today. If you ask my grandmother, she says it's certainly not the first time and my friend Tiina from Finland reports they had a few cm snow all over again today. But hell! I'm not old enough to remember some moronic April snow and I definitely don't live (and don't want to) live in Scandinavia. I'm sorry, you Northeners, it's because I can't put up with cold weather at all. I've nothing against your lovely countries.

Back at home I spent a lovely afternoon with my baby doing Easter crafts and photoshooting Angelica, a cute friend's daughter, who photographed me and Ali back. Yes, this is all we like doing in this family. Somebody please remind my MIL, as she needs to get ready for a meeting soon :)

Angie helping us
Please, please, please, let me be like this with her forever!

Yeah, I know, I know, this post is about articulating my discomfort with my visit to in-laws. Please, be patient with me. You wouldn't like to be in my shoes!

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