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13 March 2012

Details of Beauty

My house is a mess, I barely talk to my husband and child and live up on cloud number 9 more than ever these days, but at least I do what I like: writing! And here I'm sharing with you a poem I came up with. Enjoy and comment!

Details have no life outside of their tiny space, no resemblance.
They have no memory, like people whom nobody has ever helped to wipe a tear.
Sometimes they hide behind a smile.
Others nature camouflages them, so their indifference rebels.
And their silence cries to free them from their hiding corner, before the earth forgets them.

This was meant to illustrate the 5 pics I have to show for my second project at the photo class this coming Thursday. Each sentence illustrates one image.

What do you think?

The original version is in italian, which I think is more intense and moving. For those of you who can understand my language, here you go:

I dettagli non hanno alcuna vita al di fuori del loro spazio angusto, nessuna somiglianza.
Sono senza memoria, come persone cui nessuno ha mai asciugato una lacrima.
A volte si nascondono dietro un sorriso.
Altre la natura li camuffa, loro così ribelli all'indifferenza.
Ed il loro silenzio grida di essere strappato dal loro nascondiglio solitario, prima che la terra li dimentichi.

And here's the Spanish version too, gentle courtesy of my special friend Lorena from Chile (now a proud Dutch expatriate):

Los detalles no tienen vida fuera de su pequeño espacio, no hay semejanza.
Ellos no tienen memoria, como las personas a quienes nunca alguien ha ayudado a limpiar una lágrima.
A veces se esconden detrás de una sonrisa.
A otros los camufla la naturaleza, así su indiferencia se rebela.
Y su silencio grita para liberarlos desde su rincón escondido, antes de que la tierra se olvide de ellos.

Now I know whom I can trust and commission the translation of my books when I'll be a published writer, hey! :) 


  1. Hey Felipe, gracias! Es siempre bueno cuando los lectores apreciarán su estilo :)


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