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21 March 2012


Battling this nasty infection of mine, something that I had to learn to deal with and that surely has to do with my wrong habits, forced me to stay indoor this morning. Fortunately it wasn't something that took long to pass, I suppressed it just in time. Still, man! How hard is it to feel sick? It sucks, both physically and morally. And what kills me most is the thought I can't be useful and alive for my daughter. 

But well, I'll save these thoughts for some other time. Because what I want to share with you today is this amazing site I found while I was waiting for a decent time to call the doctor trying to ignore my pain. I spent some lovely quality time flipping through its images, the only thing that made me forget to waist time while I could be outside enjoying this warm debut of Spring.

The beautiful libraries site opened my mind about a few things. I learned that there's a library hotel in Manhattan to start with. Mental note to self on where to stay next time I visit the Big Apple. 

 And maybe in a ship with a library like this, I may reconsider cruise vacationing.

It taught me the fact they have to rely on their bodies to work doesn't necessarily mean that celebs are totally dump. Some do care about education and culture and have their own cute libraries at home. Like Diane Keaton's here. 

I realized that books are perfect in bathrooms too. There's something so very intruiguing in the following picture. Of course books are perfect companions for long hot baths but then I'd be afraid to let them accidentally drop into water.

And it forced me to envyregular jobs for a few minutes. Having libraries like this in the office every day could be the only condition for which I can give up freelancing.

I even found what I badly need right now, a chair like this, because lately I developped this insane habit to read different boooks and magazines at the same time. I think it's more related to oldhood that to my compulsive reading, indeed.  

Then I spotted this cute old photo and I can't imagine a more romantic and better place where to fall in love, like Woody Allena and Romy Schneider in the library of What's new pussycat (1965).

Ther's also who shares his modest libraries. Modest? Maybe, but I surely like their style.

All in all, thank you Beautiful-Libraries.com to suprise me with your pics. Now up to you guys to do your homework, spot your favorite photographs in there and report to me :)

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