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25 March 2012

Back to Learn

What can I say? My weekend was fun fun fun because it was filled with the things I like: family, friends, great food, photography and great movies. 

It all started with a seminary on rules of composition and portfolio at the local university, which I entered intimidated enough. It's been years since my Masters degree.  I completed my education back in 1997 at the tender age of 24.

I support the 'youneverstoplearning' attitude but many reasons kept me away from any secretarial office for students so far. I felt I broke the ice with this photo course now, so I may seek for info this coming week, in that maybe my secret dream of obtaining a second Masters can happen. Nothing can stop me if I truly want it, right?

And in between those 7 hours, divided between Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, I helped Ali throw her first pajama party. The girls were all excited, with the experience being a total hit. Thumbs up for a next one for sure, but not anytime soon, please. 3 kids at home are demanding enough!

One of the girls stayed on one extra day because of her parents impending chores. We took her with us for one of our usual Sunday treats out. Spring is blooming, wasting time indoors being pale looks like a sacrilege. We want to be out and about as much as possible, enjoying and having fun with delicious treats and funny activities.

Spring rules, I told you! 

One of Alfie's very rare shots of me.

PS: I love this photo a lot. It could be good for a commercial, or just to illustrate a nice street shot moment. Awwwwww, novices' disproportionate success! :)


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