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23 February 2012

A bit of images

Well, what can I say to justify this blogging silence of mine. I'm translating my book, something that is slowly taking form. Parallely, I'm also working on my new novel. I absolutely have no rush, just my head full of ideas that are ready to explode.

And in between, I am editing Alice's photobook, a process that is absorbing all my energies. It's something I owe her, I can't allow this precious baby to go on in her life without memories. I'm putting together this memoir box for her. After lots of pondering, I decided to keep it simple to cover her first year, dividing her developping progress by season. I wake up in the middle of the night with ideas for layouts in my mind. I officially have a sleeping problem (and dark cicrles around my eyes that are even more serious). I should have done this year by year, but now important is keep going. Yeah!

These have been very productive months. January and February both are busy months for my family. Alfie always goes to Florida for his annual kick off project launching in January, an event that coincided with the week of my birthday. He didn't forget to appoint his secretary to send me flowers on the 19th and got back with a long time desired present for me, new Nikkor lens. I couldn't be happier. 

Then February marks Alice's birthday, an important occasion to celebrate with her friends. 7 years and counting. My gosh, time flies! This year we rented a room and threw a big party, calling a magician who performed a lovely show to entertain kids. It was a blast!

Then Carnival and all its parties arrive, and I feel trapped into the vortex of preparations.

Busy times, I told ya!

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