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04 December 2011

Things you cannot avoid

Are there things you don't seem to fight despite your best efforts, things you promised not to do anymore and that you then inevitably end up doing again because they are deeply innate? Here are mines: 
  • I have a complicated relationship with my mobile. I tend to forget it everywhere and sometimes I have to ring it from my house phone (which is always in the same place at least!) to find it.
  • I never throw bills away and no, I don't collect them, but my wallet and handbags make me look like an obsessive collector.
  • I'm hypnotized by sellers at markets. I follow their shows avidly and buy their promising but useless tools. They never work properly at home, or not the way the sellers showed. 
  • I always forget to phone my grandmother on Wedsnedays. I try not to feel bad about it because she has a mobile and she can call me too.
  • I spend a fortune on stationery and then always use the same things.
  • I deal with daily cravings. It's like living in a perpetual PMS. Not nice.
  • I'm addicted to Philadelphia Milka. I hope it's just a phase.
  • I'm forever buying hand lotions, but I never use them.
  • I tend to use Birthday presents later. It's one of my mother's reticenses I'm still battling.
  • I lost track of the handbags I posses. Recently I picked up with hats
Note to self: never put up a Christmas tree under PMS influence to avoid tragedy!


  1. I relate to the stationery part ... LOL!

  2. 1. I keep promising myself to be on top of my ironing and I never am.
    2. I buy apples because they are supposed to be good for my health but I never eat them.
    3. I always hope to get back to an e-mail immediately but then I rarely do.
    4. Every time I empty a chips bag I promise I won't buy them more... until next time that I do.

    I could go on, but this is your blog:))

  3. Oh, no, no, go on, Sandra! :)

    Good to know I'm not alone in this, Birna!


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