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08 November 2011

Shopping around

Disney Store has the power to turn my daughter hypnotized and transform her into a poor, unhappy child who looks like she never received a single treat in her deprived life. We don't mind making her happy when we go, there's always some money left for a book or a Disney toy. Fortunately there isn't any Disney in Trieste yet :) I'll worry about it and see how to change my merry attitude when they open. No need to spoil the fun right now.

A lot of "WOW", "Ohhhhh", open mouths and exciting screams after (parents waiting patiently is part of the game), we got a new addition to the family: Mr Simba. 

The lovely trio

He even had a chair of his own at our table at the Chinese later, where he had a large portion of Cantonese rice for dinner. 

Mummy had a healthy meal instead and felt very satisfied with it.

I must say joining Alfie for his spree wasn't bad at all. He was the one in need of new clothes this time and, well, I ended up buying new shoes too. What made it perfect was that it was a rainy day, so it didn't feel like we were wasting our time in a massive mall rather than being out and about enjoying the fall nature. Very selfish of me, I know! he he It was a nice Saturday shopping around. We were happy. 

I even spotted some more vintage suitcases (I adore them, do your emember?). They were used for windows decor.

Though what I absolutely loved was a new shop, Manufactory Furlan, that is amazing for both quality and creativity. It's brand new, it only opened last week, and it features a variety of handicraft products made ​​from raw materials, all designed and created on the territory of Friuli at zero distance. You can view photos and see some of their creations in the blog one of the girls created, under the title  L'inaugurazione è andata! I love crafts, and here I can find all I want in a single area. Brilliant, right? I think I found where to invest for my Christmas presents this year!
"I always say shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist." - Tammy Faye Bakker 

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