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15 November 2011

Let the children express themselves

Time for a jolly update about the apple of my eye, her Highness Princess Alice from Wonderland. She's growing fast (and furious, if you ask me) and she's a very sensitive, emphatic, lucid, introspective soul. Some are stupefied by her precouciosness, maybe because it's to the lost childhood they think about, but it doesn't scare me at all. Hers is intellectual, fortunately. She reminds me of Sebastian in The Switch a lot, and he was a very sweet boy.

She's into reading, writing (yes, she can write and read and the fact doesn't cease to shock me) more than drawing, though she keeps producing lovely masterpieces like these: 

But the biggest news is that she's developing a style of her own, creating her own fashion thanks to Top Model Books. Here are some creations of her unique collection ...

She must be inspired to produce art, of course. Sometimes I need special drawings for birthdays but I have to wait patiently for her inspiration. Artists are like this, after all :)

Well, I can be a total failure at Maths (yes indeed, I don't even know the Multiplication table!) but I help her express herself in all the rest. We only have to solve this little Maths problem for when dad is abroad and can't come on the rescue. But there's time for that. I hope!

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