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30 November 2011

Hills and fields

A little complement to my post of yesterday. I like to think that I'll return to my land in peace one day, and that I will be able to enjoy its memories without sorrows!

You too are hill ... 
(Cesare Pavese)

You too are hill
and path of stones
and play in the reeds,
and you know the vineyard
that is silent at night.
You do not say words.
There's a land that is silent
and it's not your land.
There is a silence that lasts
on plants and hills.
There are water and fields.
You are a closed silence
that does not give up, you're lips
and dark eyes. You are the vineyard.
It's a land that awaits
and does not say a word.
Days have passed
under burning skies.
You played with the clouds.
It's a bad ground
and your forehead knows that.
This is vineyard too.
You'll find the clouds again
and the reed, and the voices
like a shadow
of the moon.
You'll find the words
beyond the short life
and night games,
beyond vivid childhood.
Silence will be sweet.
A vivid silence
will burn the fields
like bonfires in the evening.

30-31 October 1945

(Another humble translation of mine)

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