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13 November 2011

Hide and Seek

Can you tell me what's going on in the following photographs?

Via Eli Klein Fine Art

If you look carefully, there's a man in each of them. This man is Liu Bolin, a Chinese artist who is an expert of camouflage. Don't you think he perfectly matches the backgrounds? I do. The way he blends himself both in urban and nature surroundings is truly stupefying. Bows to this guy, who is also in trouble with the Chinese Government, who doesn't value his artistic efforts and shut down his studio. 

In an interview with the Mail Online he explained what's behind his art:
"Some people call me the invisible man, but for me it's waht not seen in a picture which is really what tells the story. After graduating from school I couldn't find suitable work and I felt there was no place for me in society. I experienced the dark side of society, without social relations, and had a feeling that no one cared about me, I felt myself unnecessary in this world. From that time, my attitude turned from dependence into revolting against the system."
So he stands and silently protests to remind people that problems exist. With all the liberations we had this year, from Tunis to Tripoli and now Italy (Berlusconi finally called it quits and had to open to a technical government), there's hope for a big change in China too. After all, all big revolutions start from small actions.

See all of Bolin's works here and get stupefied!

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