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07 November 2011


I don't have to be pretentious, this is a relaxed blog and I don't stress over my posts. I take it easy, conscious that my stream of writing flows naturally sooner or later, because writing is a daily need for me. Moreover, I always prefer quality to quantity. But! I've been stuck on the same post for days now and nothing good is coming out yet. I need to do something, because I have things to say but they're blocked in the incoherent part of my mind that is a drama for me on 'those' days. 

Yes, well mannered Elda is one of those emotional wrecks who seems bipolar and gets you nowhere fast because it's like arguinig with a drunk the week before period. I'm team PMS, the severe one too. Fortunately I'm very proactive against the situation. I'm very aware of it, so I don't get stressed about it, neither I worry too much, knowing the day my period finally arrives, it liberates me. I can also warn my husband so that he's more prepared to deal with me. I even had to prepare my daughter. That's me, honest and frank. I hate my beloved ones thinking I'm an insane bitch. They better know I may be upset over 12-24 weeks out of the year. 


I can literally feel the change, with rage coursing through my veins. I tried to domesticate the situation. Recently it's been horrible, my pms is getting worse with maturity. I don't know, maybe this is a final round before I hit menopause and then magically deal with my killing instincts. It's a miracle if I don't eat the whole fridge too, by the way. Thus I'm counting the days I'll finally be liberated, trying not to worry it's only temporary. Next hell can wait. See you next month.

I avoid the news like plague these days. This is a frightening time for Italy, on the verge of a financial catastrophe with our leader refusing to quit and declaring that everything is fine, so I deliberately decide not ot get any angrier. It's nearly impossible, news like this spread and are under everyone's eye, but I try my best to keep indignation away. Otherwise I could be easily out in the street playing terrorist. Honest. 

The only thing that helps is embracing procastination, stoically resigned and firmly stubborn. The result of this forced state during my long mornings alone at home, mornings that otherwise are very productive, was the discovery of a British reality show, How clean is your house? It's ne of the weirdest I've even come across with, but one that makes sense. These two cleaning experts, Kim and Aggie, who are fearless and bold, let me tell you, go on rescue of the most repulsive homes, make them shine and give lots of tips on the way. Horryfying and hilarious at the same time.

Okay, I chose the worst house ever to impress you. I'm sure this episode here won't cause a psychotic breakdown  to my mother only, it shocked me too. I clean regularly and try to stay organized, so that I create an atmosphere that helps relaxation at home, but I don't stress over mess and I've a relaxed approach to cleanliness. There are days when I hate chores and I just postpone them. During PMS, you name it. But well, watching these episode sent me cleaning immediately. And so maybe this show is a great way to battles PMS. It keeps me focused.

Definitely better than meditation, huh? It's 3 am and I need to go to bed otherwise I'll be a zombie tormorrow. Not before eating some chocolate first.How clean is your house isn't airing now, hubbie is fully asleep because he has an early wake-up scheduled, so no way I can get distracted in that fun way :) The only alternative left is eating that Nutella I always keep in the upper cabin. I'm only just human!

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