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24 October 2011

Flesh and bones

After learning that my beloved Converse shoes aggravate my slightly deviated left hallux and that my diet didn't work this past week (something I expected, since I cheated twice), I feel more resolute to continue my weight loss plan. My friend Birna was right, after the first weeks you actually enjoy the benefits you get from eating healthy, and feel more energetic and generally at ease. Thanks for your wise words, girl! The path was ardusous and you were always there for me!

So, since cheating is natural (we're made of flesh, right?), I opted for a total new attitude. I'm not obsessing anymore. Life goes on even after a bar of chocolate :) I regained the size I want, from now on it can only get better. I don't need to spend my time feeling low because of this or feel pissed if something goes wrong. So, come on, Eldita, week 6 and counting. You can do that!

I even regained a brand new interest for baking! I pay more attention to ingredients now, I try to diversify them according to the seasons. Hubbie is the happiest, of course. He was afraid he could end up dieting with me too, whereas now he eats more, more varied and he even gets his weekly treats. He couldn't demand for more.

One of my recent cheesecakes.

I'm looking for a Halloween cheesecake recipe now, something funny and decorative to offer Alice's friends when they visit next week. I want to throw a party, which must be fun-fun-fun. Yeah!


  1. You go girl! :)

  2. You rock, Eldita! I am sure Alfie liked the cake as much as the dedication :)

  3. thanks, birna!

    eheh thanks Sandra bella! Now it's your turn. Come anytime for some cake treats u too! :)


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