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28 September 2011

The perfect scenario

The festival was not all about food this past weekend. It's me who put to much emphasis in it because of my diet. It was about street artists, who reunited in Trieste to give us a lovely time. Especially to children. There were lots of peculiar artists, very talented, who performed in amazing shows.

This woman rocked, telling tales and portraying different characters.

The highlight was the bubbles show like last year. Lots of creative bubbles in the air put up by Eros, who is also capable of enchanting his mini spectators and his parents with his wonderful mime. 

And then there was my childhood friend Patrizia, who was there as children make-up artist. Some of her creations were memorable, just like her!

Of course she painted my princess too :)

I couldn't ask for more, I had the perfect combination of food (well, visual LOL), shows and entertainment. And all this in the stunning Trieste scenario of late September. Life is good!

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