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29 September 2011

In 'da house

I'm glad to announce that our home improvements are over. It's with great relief that I can comfortably sit on my new sofa now and enjoy the neat order and more spacious living room we created. It was about the time, really. The fact we invested so many energies and money in our house before moving here had only gotten an excuse for procrastinating over this.

I started from our bedroom, which was in urgent need of more intimacy. It's the smaller room of the house so I opted for something practical, thin and fresh like a roller blind. 

The kitchen was already there, no need to be changed, but things had to be reorganized. I had some shelves that were there only to support photos, while now they play a vital role in supporting the products we use daily, like bread and cereals. I added another roller blind here. It changes the atmosphere completely. 

As for the living room, my main concern, the problem was with space. Our two old sofas were bigger than necessary and we ended up not having enough space when friends come over for dinner. Time to get rid of them and buy an unique solution with a new tv corner. 

The area is much spacious now and Alfie also has his own desk. We don't have to move his computer every time friends visit. I'm pretty satisfied with this plan.

I'm in love with the way our house looks now. Finally! 

Home sweet home.

There's no place like home, right? So now we're all set up for those chilly Fall nights and afternoons when you don't venture out and stay indoor in the coziness of your home, sipping a tea and watching old movies. Early days for that, we're having an Indian summer. But I've got my favorite blankets ready, the precious ones Alfie's grandmother knitted. Because you never know!


  1. I love the "before and after" pics!
    great job Elda :D

  2. grazie chiara! finalmente posso riposarmi ora he he


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