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20 September 2011

All that glitters ain't gold

A few days ago I read that Victoria Beckham changed diaper to her new bundle of joy Harper on a maculate chair in the middle of a Marc Jacobs store in New York. I knew the woman had to have some talent other than carrying her baby in Louboutin heels. Thumbs up for the manic fashionista! Serves all those shocked mothers right for criticizing me when I used benches for the purpose. As long as it wasn't unsanitary, like near food, any place was fine with me.

The notorious sad Vic was even attempting a smile! source

What left me perplex about this former Spice, instead, is what I read next in the Daily Mail. Mrs Beckham took her baby to another shopping spree, this time to Prada. Nothing new, I would be more surprised if I knew the lovely twosome were seen in a library. But she insisted Harper enjoyed the experience."She loved it. It was if she was saying, 'Mummy, I'm home!'" Ehm ... Harper is only 2 months old. Every mother knows her daughter and some babies are more alert and vivid than others even at that age, I know. But, come on!

It makes me wonder if Victoria is already projecting her stylist fantasies on this awaited baby girl. What if Harper won't fit the posh mold, despite all the shopping she does with her mother? I hope this baby will be a lady who knows what she wants, ready to fight tooth-and-nail to get it, rather than becoming another fashionista like Suri or boyish like Shiloh. Suri chooses her own clothes from a million dollar wardrobe, full of Marc Jacobs and Loboutin shoes redisigned especially for her. Shiloh is a tomboy who wears daddy's tie and other clothes bought in boys sections of stores and wants to be called John. In both cases, their parents fully encourage their tendencies. Quite an unsual state of affairs.

I don't know, babies must be encouraged to be themselves, not addressed, but until what extent? Also, is it good for babies to be allowed what they want and have no boundary limits? Suri drinks bottles and uses a pacifier when she should be well trained not to. Shiloh is taken travelling so that she can witness poverty, but still has no rules set in her nomadic life. Or maybe is it better to be as strict as Madonna, who limits her children to a carefully controlled macrobiotic diet, allows only half an hour of tv per week and despite all her dollars limits Christmas gifts to one present?

My 6-year-old chooses her clothes, and we've a problem in agreeing about colour-coordination. I can't always address her to my sense of style, so I generally don't interfere, unless she's going out with monstrous matchings. But I certainly don't buy her clothes or accessories I don't want her to wear, I avoid sexualization via heels or make-up and I'm definitely against her looking like an adult. Children must be children. Period.

So I'd be curious to know what's behind the ethics of parents who present their children in such a sexualized way. Like those 6-years-olds Sexy Kittens featured in Vogue France. Okay, they're on a fashion guru magazine, and for many this is art, not an inappropriate way to expose girls in provocative poses and with a sickening content (cadeux means gift in French). But if this is art, why prostitution and child pornography are not far from my thoughts? This disturbing photoshooting reminds me of pre-teen Brooke Shields in Pretty Baby, the film tat caused furor for her nude scenes and for her nuts mom exploiting her young daughter for profit.


The line between childhood and adulthood parallels with manipulation and consent. Parents should protect their children, not overexpose them. I don't want to listen to fame, better life and career opportunities for a reason. Just tell me an over-exposed child who could buy love and inner balance and I'll maybe consider these experience worth the loss of innocence and precious, wasted years. Because right now names like Britney, Lindsay, Paris and Kate keep popping to my mind. I'm sorry.

Even more terrible was getting to know about the shocking world of babies and their sick parents who join the most disturbing show on earth, Toddlers and Tiaras. These girls are trained to fake smiles, dress like prostitues (no retoric here, there was one baby dressed like Julia Roberts' whore costume in Pretty Woman!) and even wear fake teeth! Yes, fake teeth, because at that age they need to replace the missing ones that are so cute to watch. I think about how my daughter proudly displays each missing tooth and I feel nauseated. There should be a law that suppresses shows like this, forbids beauty pageant and calls the social services on stage parents. I'm serious.

via People

My daughter's reaction to these photos (she's their same age and yes, I want her to know about this odd, odd world) was: "Oh, mom, how can their parents be so cruel to them?" I'm sure the first thing they'd do on my baby would be to have her body hair totally waxed, since she's a fierce brunette. And after watching this video, they'll have to walk overmy dead body first! This is sick, really. Grrrrrrrr!

I may be wrong, but these kids don't feel loved this way. A sign of love is to see that your children develop positive children behaviour. The parents who work with their children to set boundaries and  and administer them fairly, firmly and consistently create a relationship of trust with them, and help them develop into responsible adults.

This is the type of parent I try to be. I don't care if people keep telling me I'm losing time on Alice, considering her beauty and intelligence. I will never let her audition for any contest. When she matures and if she decides to embark in the show business career (which I doubt, but you never know, since life is unpredictable) she will have all my support. My duty now is to chaperon her beautiful soul to adult life in the best possible way and as far as I am alive and keep sane, I will never lose my mind like that.

Alfie agrees on this, for once. His only concern is about a possible career of our daughter in the porn industry. He said he'd be resentful if he saw her wasting her life like that. As open minded as I repute myself to be, I must admit the idea doesn't appeal me neither.

Awwwwww, strange toughts at this hour of the night. I'm off to bed for today. See you soon! :)


  1. I am with you on all counts... I think maybe Madonna is the best mother among the others mentioned in this post. Everybody in these times, with people starving to death in less developed countries, should only get 1 gift for Xmas.We should give where it counts.

  2. Ditto, Sandra! People lose their minds nowadays and I can only admire someone like Madonna who, despite all odds, was raised in poverty and now wants her children not to be spoiled brats...


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