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27 September 2011

All That Food

I knew, I knew I shouldn't have gone to the Festival downtown this weekend. Silly me to think I was strong enough to resist all that food. Don't take me wrong, I managed and I'm proud of myself considering all the heavenly temptations I had around. But oh gosh, I wondered if all this crazy dieting plan could have been postponed after the festival.

There, have a look yourself and tell me if I don't have a right to win the Holy Martyr Contest! 

I nearly had tears in my eyes when I saw this stretched-curd cheese
called Caciocavallo, which is produced throughout the Appennine
Mountains in Southern Italy. It was my grandparents' favorite.
Chestnuts. We have stands on the streets where they roast them 
during chestnut season. I couldn't resist here: I had 2 of them. Shhhhh!
Alice's favorite kiosk. Of course!
Poffertijes, Dutch mini-crepes. Heaven!
Taralli, traditional Pugliese treats (highly addictive crackers whose
flour-olive oil is only one of the flavorings.)
Lupini Beans, yellow legume seeds that were very popular here in the past
and that are today used only for snacks or sold massively during local festivals.
They remind me my childhood so much. My grandparents were crazy for them.

Food, great food, gorgeous food everywhere I looked and turned, with people enjoying it voraciously. The whole world looked like not in need of losing weight but me. 

So don't be surprised if I had to run home and eat my daily afternoon portion of fruit, since fruits wasn't sold anywhere, and discovered myself talking to my apple like in the Into the Wild apple scene.

No pure joy of man exploring nature with me. Nothing transcendental. Just. plain. hunger.  

And please, please, hide that bottle of Nutella from me. I may assault it right now!

(Gosh, will I ever get used?)

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