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29 August 2011


"We don't remember days, we remember moments." Cesare Pavese
There are moments I can't capture with my digital SRL. Though it's always around, the better carpe diem moments are the ones taken with my iPod, embellished with Instagram Application afterwards. They may not be technically executed, but their visual appeal is intact and they're even more attractive because they captured the emotion or sensation of the minute. I like the simplicity that comes from these applications. They make the world a better place.

Sleepy afternoon (me and Alice)
Devoured Prosek in Hvar, Dalmatia
Embarking to Bol (Brac Island) with Alfie
Lovely afternoon lights
My precious jewel on a train to Milan
Finally some rain!
 My friend Ande, an Estonian currently living in Switzerland, has a special talent for taking pics with her iPhone. I always admire the shots she shares on Facebook during her frequent trips around the globe. She let me share them with you here, and I selected some of my favorite photos. 

I personally think these are unique masterpieces. You've an innate sense of beauty, Ande! It couldn't be otherwise, considering the sweet, sensitive and beautiful person you are. Thank you!

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