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04 May 2011

Clothes galore

I haven't had a free day for myself since Alice was out of pre-school last June, so today being out and about feels like luxury to me. I'm not doing anything special, just treated myself with both breakfast and lunch out, and in a couple of hours I'll make the most of my afternoon to finally consign my best items of clothing to the second-hand store.

Our new mountain bikes arrived and I needed room for them in the basement, so I spent days going through all my stuff, deciding what to toss away. Since it was stuffed with mountains of baby clothes, I decided to save the most sentimental or beautiful ones in a special box, donate the majority of them and try to make a little profit of the trendy ones. Most of it was cheap stuff that we could buy again in case a second baby arrives (though it is not in our plans *sigh*). And we can't hang on them forever as we don't have enough room anymore.

Still, now that I washed and disinfected and ironed everything, and I'm ready to go, I'm starting to feel a bit of separation anxiety. It's so hard to give up those cute little outfits, as I remember all the great times, memories while Alice was wearing those. But then I try to imagine the happy child or mom who are going to share more happy times and I cheer up. Way to go, I have to! *Sniff*

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  1. Those clothes will make great memories for other mums, too, so focus on that :))


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