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17 April 2011


if awaken
refuse to seat
in their favorite place, the paper,
the Chinese ink, the leather
or velvet folder,
where they can be a secret;
when they wake up
rest on the back
of invoices, on margins
of Bingo bullettins,
on wedding or funeral invitations;
don't ask anything better than
a confusing typing on a laptop,
the dark pockets of a coat,
the base bin,
where they end in chopped pieces;
are not happy
to be thrown out
and accepted
with the fury of applause
and disgrace;
prefer to sleep
in a bottle,
to be read, sold,
embalmed, hibernated;
belong to everyone
and they don't hide in dictionaries,
because there is always someone who
finds the most smelling 
and rarest truffles;
after an eternal wait
abandon hope
to be spoken
once and for all
and then die
with those who possessed them.

My humble attempt at translating one of my favorite poems of Eugenio Montale, called Le Parole. He's a darkly resonant and introspective poet, therefore difficult to interpreter. For more poems, explore his style here.

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