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02 March 2011


Can someone please explain to me what's wrong with wearing proper warm clothes in snowy Vancouver, where Suri and Katie Holmes were spotted by People?

What is it, early menopause? Parents neglection? Children obsession with night-gowns? (Yeah, because that's the dress Suri seems to be wearing!). Can't that child be properly dressed against the polar weather? Or am I the usual freezing (and considerate, for once) Italian here?


  1. I wonder the same quite often.
    Then I remember seeing girls in UK wearing sandals without socks during winter time and mums with no umbrellas on their kids.
    I think you can get used to it, maybe it depends on where you was born?
    I'm pretty sure the Italian mums are the more apprehensive/anxious....

  2. Maybe, my dear chiara. These kids are surely immunized against the cold, there's no other explanation. I wish I had the same vaccine! But then again, it's only in UK and Usa that you see the odds in terms of fashion. Take Scandinavia. Those kids are properly dressed too, and they're the farthest they can be from Italian culture!


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