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07 March 2011

Bora devastation

The Bora huricane that hit Trieste last week was seriously scary. They reported guts over 80 mph, which hadn't been recorded in 25 years. Yuck! I found the courage and the opportunity to take a trip to the pier, the part of the city where the bora blows stronger, to take some pictures. I wasn't in the middle of the tempest and the wind was already calming down, but it was memorable all the same.

Of course such a fury devastated the city and caused severe damage here and there. That was much easier to report once all was said and done. 

This city is a surprise, really. It's acquainted with its wind, it even has a street named after it. Via della Bora. Now imagine walking against the wind here, or pushed forward. Whatever ...

Dangerous, hey!

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