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22 February 2011

The reasonable brothel

Brave little Tunisia, Egypt and now Libya. The magnitude of my feelings for their liberations explode with messages of support here. "I'm doing this for my children. What life is this?" I heard someone screaming at TV cameras during the Egyptian  revolution. Right, decades of dictators regime are  finally falling and I can't help to hope protests will spread to Italy soon, so that we can put an end to this infamous era. 

We have an old man who denies any wrongdoing here (ask The Guardian) because he admits he's no saint. He keeps telling he's in love with life (and, shall I add, with his harem?) and is confident Italians can close an eye on this. Well, no, it's not fun at all, we women are indignant because it's not all about starlets here and I tell you waht, if I were an actress I would be furious even more, because I wouldn't like my carereer be disgraced by such a nasty reputation.

Fortunately the wind of changes must have reached Italy too, because we're starting to protest. Even the long counted conservative women who were among  his key voters.

Beppe Severgnini, the journalist who is spending his career to explain Italy and Italians to the rest of the world, did a very good job with his last book La pancia degli Italiani (Italians' belly), where he explains the Berlusconi factor in a hilarious way. The situation is so dramatic that perhaps laughing about it is the only way to understand reasons that are embarassing and otherwise difficult to understand.

I really think it's a pity for our Premier, because he could be such a funny guy if only he played his old years. We all could laugh about his jokes if we weren't living in his banana republic, which he keeps disgracing.

Part of the image of the country he's presenting to the world is his mirror, but it's not all about bunga bunga here. We had and have hard working people who pay their taxes and try to live a decent life out of the corrupt clichè. Tha't why I'm posting a tribute to the most infulential Italian women on this blog. We need to remind ourselves it's not all about Sara Tommasi, damn!

Yes, we can take care of ourselves, we never give up and never give in. And we all should react and protest in a conscructive way. Let's go!

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