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28 February 2011

Mario Luzi

Is it just me?
Or am I dead?
There's someone else,
master of these fields.
Universe. Approval.
Or maybe none of this.
The radiant silence
full of love, 
full incarnation 
anticipated by a light.
I wonder
if this is thinking
or sleeping
during a sunny break
and the turmoil of today.

via camaleonte.blogosfere

PS: This poet is responsible for encouraging me to be a writer. He selected the poem I sent to his annual Poetry Competition for High School students back in 1987. Me and the other 49 winning authors were sent to a formative 5-days trip to Florence. It was not only my first award as a writer, but also my first confrontation with the world as a a teen. Thus I'll always be greateful to Mr Luzi. RIP, man. You don't even imagine how much trust, respect and self-esteem you instilled in myself. 

(To be mandatory read while listening to With or Without you, the soundtrack of that trip!) 


  1. he does look kind of tired - i like the use of epiphany in the midst of confusion/doubt questioning

  2. Anyone whose constant preoccupation is the desire to transform what is personal into something universal is tired! Seriously, he looks more introspective to me. He was very spiritual, and I chose this photo because it shows :)


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