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14 February 2011

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I know, it's been weeks of hiatus. I'm back, though. And if I'm here, it means I'm starting to react. I feel like there is no better time than now to go ahead and take a leap of faith and see what happens. I'm tired of always being sad and angry. Time to be more indulgent with myself, with no more steps back and reconsiderations. Things happen, it is what it is. I accepted the tumultuous concept and stopped wondering why.  

I even finally understood that giving up photography was a too high price to pay.  You don't let trouble intruse in your passion to such an extent. You go out, visit places and let nature prevail gradually in you. I'm back on track now, in fact, with new ideas and projects. Time to interrupt this extended blog break now, too. I guess the urge to see what else I am capable of achieving is overwhelming. 

So here I am. And I'm supported by so many wonderful people. Without my friends, the ones who cared about my moment unconditionally, I would be nothing. I'm eternally grateful to you, guys. Massive thanks to all of you. You don't need to go away so that people appreciate you better. I learned that I was already appreciated and that counts.  It's been a hell of a month and I'm far from being totally recovered. But.I.am.trying.my.best. And how is it what they say? The minute you start talking about what you're going to do if you lose, you have lost.

So come on, Elda bella, you can do this. Live up to your expectations and move ahead. Show must go on! And thanks my readers for loyally checking up this blog to see if there was any update. There will be news and fun extras regularly from now on, you bet! :)))))


  1. You can do this Elda dear! We accept what we cannot change and move forward. There's no point in being miserable (for too long), as that time when we are is lost forever.

    Welcome back, missed your posts!


  2. Sandra is so wise!!!!!! Sometimes it is necessary to go on and leave ruins behind, cos my dear miss Perfectionist you CANNOT control everything! And this is a lesson I learnt the hard way myself. And I can tell you that people who move on are not losers in any way. On the contrary, it needs strength!
    And welcome back to us!

  3. You are too kind, Roula! You are right... sometimes we just have to leave the ruins behind and build something new. Some things will never be revealed to us and some are beyond our comprehension... so why dwell on them? A lot of times it's just "take it or leave it" and once the decision is made, there's no point in looking back wondering.. what if?

  4. "What if" is a killer sometimes. I am a person that always look back and feel bitter for things that have happened since Noah's Arc age and I mean, trust me when I say, it just eats you insides like a bad disease. It is not healthy. It took me a while to realize, and it is funny, but I had this epiphany talking to you miss Di Risio! I still care but I no longer let the past ruin my future. We have to many "now" problems to leave the "then" ones ruin our sunshine.
    And I do believe you are wise Sandra! You have chosen Eldoula as your buddy! ;-)

  5. Welcome back, bella! Hooray!

  6. thanks, ladies, from the bottom of my heart. i agree with has been said BUT you've to live and feel miserable to adopt this attitude. i learned on my own skill that time heals and that we better not drool too much if we want to survive. but suffering is part of the process. i'm here now, see me? i'm also about to start my gym classes TODAY. yes, NOW! it's a thing i've postponed for years and now i'm doing it. live like there's no future, right? that's what i'll do! way to gooooooo! :)))))


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