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19 December 2010

A lot to say

A few days have passed since my last post. A lot of things happened. The most important one is that Santa arrived earlier and left a gift both for Christmas and birthday for me: a brand new reflex camera! I must have been extremely good this year :) So I've been busy testing it and shopping around for useful accessories. 

Here she is, my new baby! 

I'm excited to explore a new visual celebration of life with it. I'm allowed to more artistic expressions now and I've totally enjoyed playing with lenses. I have a particular interest for the 50 mm -1.8. I'm slowly learning bokeh with them. Yeah!

Awwww, photography! You can tell a lot by the way people see the world, can't you? My baby doesn't take pics yet, but she expresses herself with the most vivid and interesting drawings. To me, they're lovely images full of character.

The more I look at her drawings, the more I'm amazed by her fantastic world, made of optimism and innocence like her brilliant suns. My goal in life is to keep this feeling of being loved and cared she shows for  the rest of her life. Alice is an incredible little kid, making my life joyful on a regular basis. It all could be so miserable without her. Really. I must try my best for her. She deserves my best part.

 Anyway ...

As a few of my shots denote here, we've been having our polar wave too, like the rest of this crazy peninsula. I'm not a snow fan, not at all, it reminds me of endless days blocked inside my rural house in my rural village, with a poor functioning central heating and no postman delivering my precious, anxiosuly awaited letters daily. No Sky channels neither computer to keep me company.  Writing and reading helped me keep sane but, well, enough is enough! I've never liked being a polar bear.

As for the rest, life is going on faster than ever, countdown for Christmas is at its fullest and I try to relax. All is ready. All is decided. No need to be stressed. I used to hate Christmas, now I've come to terms with it. The gatherins, the rush to all the best food you can find, the fake emotions, the savage (and useless) shopping. And the horrible feeling that you were there alone hating it while all the rest of the world enjoyed. I still find it difficult to accept all this, but since I've my own family and I'm rounded by the people I love only, I've started to appreciate the magic of it all. And I tell u: it's fun! I still have to find my own balance, where old feelings are cohesive with the new ones, but at least I abandoned my prejudges and I'm fully embracing a positive new attitude. Sometimes Christmas is a state of mind too!

"Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love" then! (Hamilton Wright Mabie).

And happy season everyone! Fa la la! :)

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