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14 November 2010

Nostalgia never dies

I feel a bit homesick (again). My nostalgia for my native region goes through cycles and this is definitely one of them. Not a bad one, but still considerate. Well however, anyone viewing these beautiful photos (taken from the group Paesaggi d'Abruzzo on Facebook), would jump from the chair and want to visit it, so leave alone the effect it provoke on locals living away. 

You can see more wonderful photos here. I also found a list of movies shot in Abruzzo. It may be interesting to see how these sceneries inspired film-makers. And aso, something more peculiar to find out about culture and traditions of my stunning region.
On a group of theories one can found a school; but on a group of values one can found a culture, a civilization, a new way of living together among men. Ignazio Silone
The thing that drives me mad is that I spent half of my life rounded by such beauty without paying attention, even taking it for granted, and now that I have all capacities, will, invention, aspiration, motivation and measures to capture it, I live miles away. Bah!

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