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04 November 2010

Friendly Food

Back from my short holiday and happy. It was rainy but we still managed to visit it all. We're getting more and more used to wet weather now, we were much more typical Italians before. With the proper clothes, you can go everywhere. And of course bigger babies help too. I'm preparing a decent travelogue about the places we saw and things we did. There were lots of highlights during those 4 days out.

For now, let me present you a blog I joined, Friendly Food, where I'll be posting recipes every now and then from now on. I'll keep sharing those goodies on my blog all the same, yes, but I'm honoured to give my contribution to my Greek friend Roula, who came up with this lovely idea of a common blog, where dear friends show their interest and love for food.

I already posted a simple recipe. As a debut, I think it's of great effect because it's pretty simple but original at the same time. It comes from my mom's attempts to please my demanding brother, whom she spoils rotten without admitting it. I know, the moms factor! he he Go check it, please. It's on Roula's blog! And have fun.


  1. Welcome back! You were missed! ^_^

  2. awwwww, these special people in my life! :I i missed you too, bella!


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