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05 October 2010

You are only as old as you act

There's an amazing Top Story about Betty White on People today. When asked if desire melts away with age, the 88-year-old actress answers "I'm waiting for that day to come." Isn't that brilliant that an elder opens up like that on such a delicate issue like sex? It is often believed that old people don't have sex, but apparently it turns out to be untrue.

Because of their limited regenerative abilities and because they're more prone to disease, syndromes, and sickness than other adults, old people are often portrayed as stupid funny folks, like in this commercial here.

But the elders can be such fantastic role models! I soooo wanted to have the super cool great-great-grandmother Poupette of the French movie La Boum (aka Ready for Love). She was the chillest harpist ever and even took a picture of Mattieu for Vic and converted it into a window shade for her.

My grandparents weren't that glamourous but they meant so much to me. They ended up imprinting themselves in my soul. The Elda of today owes a huge lot to all my grandparents. Each of them filled the gap missing by my weird parents. They knew lots of stories, didn't need to rush and they loved me unconditionally. They were such an inspiration!

It pisses me off that Alice can't live my same wonderful experience but, given the grandparents she has, I'm not surprised it ended like this and maybe she's better off without them. I'm to her (and try hard) all that she doesn't get from grandparents. I read books over and over. I'm always thrilled too hear from her. I sing along old songs. I always let her help in the kitchen, even if it gets messy. I tell stories about me as a child. I love to travel and I take her with me, I make the best audience for her poems and dance moves, then listen and applaud. And mainly, I want to make everyday I spend with her special.

Many have this fear to grow old, and I don't understand why. All this running against time and willing to go back to catch the moment you never lived, all this obsession with looking younger. What's more beautiful that the pure, simple and vivid face of an elder, with all his wrinkles and gray hair? 

 My beloved Nana Anna

I want to pen off with an extract from the Notalwaysright, a website that collects hilarious and sometimes weird comments of customers in shops around the world. Most of the time, jokes come from the elders. 

(An elderly woman well into her 70s comes through the check-out line with a single bottle of wine. I start to scan the bottle through.)

Customer: “Wait! Aren’t you going to check my ID?”
Me: “Er, no, ma’am, I don’t think it’s really necessary…”
Customer: “Well, that’s no good! You should check all ID if you’re selling alcohol.”
Me: “Well, okay. May I see your ID, please?”
(She hands over an ID card that is obviously fake.)
Me: “…ma’am, this card says you’re seventeen.”
Customer: “Oh, dear! You’ve caught me! I’m much too young to be buying this! It’s a good thing you were checking IDs. I’d better just go now! *skips out the door*
Me: “…”

I can't wait to grow old and mess around like this with shop assistants! ahahahha

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