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28 October 2010

Purple rules

My retail therapy session went very well today. The excuse was going to Zara to get that lovely warm coat for Alice, and the rest was an easy cake. Which is good, because I had been pretty discouraged by what I hadn't found in my earlier sessions. But no worries, I didn't come back home with debts or unnecessary comsumption. I maxed out most of my credit card at C&A, go figure! The best shopping is the unexpected one, for sure. I managed to find a lot of things and I'm sharing them with you.

Let's see ... I got quite a lot for Alice. The famous coat to start with, purple and long enough to keep her warm, perfect for this crazy season, which is winter already. A pair of lovely light gray treasures matching with a few nice sweaters. A pair of cool gloves that allow her to explore around. 

And for me, well, a nice blouse that matches well with my gray leggings, a denim skirt (yeah, i know, another one!) with a 60's sweater and a lovely new hat and matching warmleggers. I love wool so much.  

Nothing compulsive, I'm just happy!

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