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16 October 2010

Bringing objects to life

We did another Art Attack today, after collecting all the necessary. Can you guess what you can do with all these things prepared here?

It's incredible what can come out of a few basic recycled objects. All you need is a creative assembling and keep going, even when the result doesn't come near to the initial project. Et voila, a rudimental eatcrows emerges!

Something you can colour, decorate, add details and create with your own style. It doesn't need to be perfect.

My sweet Alice kept it simple and here's her final result.

It can brighten up any room, can't it?


  1. Did you watch Art Attack with Neil Buchanan? SUCH programmes should be on TV, not the silly ones they promote anger, hate and turn our kids into walking zombies.... :-(

  2. Oh yes, Rooula! Alice loves Art Attack and we're always amazed at what Neil can do. I truly have no words to describe his inventive genius!
    Wlaking zombies, that's right. At our home, we only have Little Einsteins, Wonder Pets, Dora and Diego, cartoons that teach something and are educational. Others are truly banned!

  3. No wonder our little girl knows exaclty what she wants from life! ;-)

  4. heeheh exactly! when little einsteins are on, i sit and watch too. they're phenomenal!


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