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11 October 2010

Barcolana 42

Trieste hosted the Barcolana this weekend, the 16-nautical mile sailing regatta joined by a spectacular fleet of yachts (about 2000 every year). It's the biggest event in Europe and the only race in the world to set a single start line for so many yachts. 


The 42nd edition expected and true winner was Esimit Europa 2 this year, with a record time of 56’ and 13” that will be registered in the books of the Autumn Cup.    

 The winner yacth via Il Piccolo

We were among the 350000 enjoying the related festivities ashore and all along the coastline. I didn't want to bother my husband and baby to death by stopping every second to take pics, in a crowd where it was already impossible to walk through, so here's what I managed to capture.

The competing sailors were training for the regatta and we enjoyed the spectactle, which was even more impressing at sunset.

And Trieste, oh my gosh, Trieste was just the most perfect scenario for this type of event. It's already a beautiful town but she put on her best 'dress' for the occasion, and lived of her own brilliant spotight. With all the accessories for the occasion, of course.

Why do we have to leave this postcard city I don't know, and I'm not longing for the day. I'll surely miss it very much, and I'll surely come back and visit it once every couple of years. That's what I decided. Oh yes! But for now, I'm here and fully loving every minute of it. J'adore Trieste! :)

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  1. Trieste has really blossomed in the past years. It has become a very pleasant town/city to be in.


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