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04 September 2010


This is a recipe I learned when I lived in France. We don't eat lots of salmon, salmon is actually not common at all, but I like it, and so I used this French sauce for our pasta. I made it a little more Italian, according to our picky tastes. 

Whenever I find some fresh Salmon, I buy it. It was on sale at the Coop the other day and I took two containers, then I cut it into pieces and cooked it with butter, cream and Vodka. Yes, that's right, ladies and gentleman: I spicy it up with Vodka!

You only have to cook it for just 2 minutes maximum, otherwise the cream gets burned. Cooked in a proper way, the result is a light, delicate flavour to be served with tagliatelle. Ideally. If that type of pasta is not available in your cabinets,just adap any other short pasta, tagliatelle style, like the ones I used here.



  1. Well, you can't go wrong with salmon, butter and cream! Ever!

  2. Salmon is the most popular fish served here. We cook it many ways but I will have to try this out (minus the vodka). LOL


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