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27 August 2010

Risotto night

My regular followers know I've got a thing for food, in that I like both eating/cooking, this last activity especially when I feel inspired. And I like to share my specialities. Talking of which, I asked some of my penfriends to share what they cook too, and so soon I'll post a lovely resume of what I found out about their eating habits. Stay tuned!

Tonight it was all about risotto at my home. I'm a bit obsessed with food variety, I always try to change ingredients and make sure to include fish, meat, pasta and vegetables in our meals. Since this week we had tried it all, I set up rice as a nice alternative to make our dinners complete, and I used mushrooms and sausage to prepare a genuine meal.

It takes about 20 minutes of careful watching because, after frying onion and garlic with  minced meat, adding rice and waiting until it gets translucent with white wine, you add rice and every few minutes you also add a half cup of hot stock to the rice, as the rice slowly absorbs the liquid it's in it. But the result is worth the effort. 

Top everything with lots of parmesan and accompany with a glacial white wine,  like the Sicilian Il Corvo I drank tonight. And enjoy!

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