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02 August 2010


it's been 3 years now. by this week in 2007 we were well settled in our new flat and looking around. trieste was hot and blue, peaceful and mysterious, and it seemed it contained a world of new possibilities and adventures for us. an aura it has always preserved.

have a look at this beauty, on her first time around. her perfect nose, her beautiful curly hair. and behind  her, the most perfect scenario. it was only 3 years ago. only. time flies! 

as i was remembering our past, names of places where we lived and that impacted us mixed in me. i  have sentimental interest in many of the destinations listed here.

atessa: where i was born and where everything became. i met my husband there!

naples: where alfonso was born. i had never been there before, so he made me love it.

london: my favorite city

epinal: the french city where we lived as newlyweds

trieste: the first place we could call home

lanciano: where alice was born

bangkok: and the whole thailand, home for a magic honeymoon for us

milan: where i worked for a while and where we realized we HAD to get married

rome: a city we both love and where going back is always special

athens: our first vacation together

san francisco: where we spent a memorable tour 

awww, those days!

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  1. That is so wonderful to read a list of the places that have been important to you. What a great idea Elda!


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