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25 August 2010

Did you know that ...

... Brigitte Bardot tried to committ suicide (unsuccesfully) 3 times?

... the American muffins were born in 1800 in England, where the chef of an aristocrat used leftovers for the maids?

... this woman, Maria Giovanna Elmi, an Italian TV announcer, is 70?

... David Beckham has a sister, Lynne, who is a jobless single-mom surviving on benefits?

... Michael Douglas is battling throat cancer?

And did you know that, back in High School, I never resisted until the morning break and ate my croissant trying to chew under my desk? LOL

The croissant was gently served fresh by my grandfather. He woke up earlier and made me find it daily. For 5 years. Nobody has ever been so nice to me!


  1. Lovely post! I did not know most of these things and the croissant "fact" is lovely!

  2. Croissants ... makes my mouth water ... ;-) What a nice grandfather you had. :-)
    Good night sweetie!
    Love, Birna

  3. thanks, heather and birna. the truth is it takes a great man to make a fabolous grandfather, and i was lucky with mine. he compensated for my lack of role models!


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