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21 August 2010

At home again

Here I am again, after 2 intensive, fantastic weeks in Croatia. The country was a revelation, I couldn't believe the crystal water, the delicious food, the nature, history and culture they're permeated with. Wow! I'll post a travelogue pretty soon, I'll guide you through those enchanting treasures day by day. So watch out this space, please!

"I'm sorry, Prince, I can't go out with you tonight. I run 2 jobs, slave during the day and waitress during the night. So, you see, I'm pretty tired. Sorry again. And no, I can't tell you if I'll be free tomorrow. I keep changing plans so don't insist please, okay? Thanks".

(Heard from Alice during one of her monologues while vacationing in Croatia).


  1. Welcome back!Hahahah... ALice... where did she hear all that???

  2. Welcome home Elda! I'll look forward to reading the travel log. :)


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